Program / Club rules

Trafo line-up

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TRAFO COVER 07 20242


Trafo will be all yours if you follow the club rules

  1. Re-enter the club as long as you are still wearing the wristband.
  2. Keep the wristband on your wrist until you leave the club.
  3. Entry with weapons is prohibited. If we find weapons on you, we will not let you into the club.
  4. Possession and sale of drugs are prohibited. If we find drugs or poppers on you, we will not let you into the club. If we catch you selling drugs, we’ll call the police.
  5. By entering the club you agree to possible searches by our security team.
  6. Entry is only permitted for persons over 18 years of age. We may ask you for ID upon entry and, if necessary, refuse to let you into the club.
  7. We reserve the right not to allow people under the obvious influence of alcohol or drugs into the club.
  1. Good fun is the basis. In a pleasant, friendly atmosphere and with consideration for all guests. It doesn’t matter what sex, nationality or colour they are. It doesn’t matter how old they are, what music or religion they follow or who they love. We will not tolerate aggression, violence or intolerance in any form.
  2. In order to protect the freedom of our guests, any photography for commercial purposes without prior agreement is strictly forbidden. You can have your photos taken by our own photographer.
  3. Dress code – casual
    Visitors will not be admitted to the TRAFO Club in:
    – sandals
    – slippers
    – sweatpants
    – tank tops (men)
    – swimsuits
    – dirty clothes
  4. Leave your backpack or larger bag in the changing room. But don’t leave any valuables in the changing room. We are not liable for any losses.
  5. Only alcohol purchased directly from Trafo is allowed in the club. Most importantly, drink sensibly and definitely do not drive afterwards!
  6. If we deem it appropriate (e.g. if you fall asleep at the club), we have the right to send you home at any time.
  7. Don’t try to get into the DJ zone. Unless we invite you to do so.
  8. Ticket sales end one hour before the club closes.
  9. Leave the club calmly and quietly so you don’t wake up our neighbours. Although we understand that after a Trafo night that can be difficult…
  10. If you fail to comply with or violate any of these rules, our security will ask you to leave the club without refund of the ticket price.